Engineering services of the Portuguese National Distributed Computing Infrastructure


On-demand Operational Coastal Circulation Forecast Service


Climate Change Resilience Assessment Framework Tool for Urban Areas


Integrated modelling in urban systems and streamflow simulation in rivers (1D/2D)


Water mOnitoRing SentInel Cloud platform

Data Science Framework

Run personalized application and scripts via browser in a cloud environment

The National Distributed Computing Infrastructure (INCD) will build on top of the experience of its members. Portugal participates in the two largest LHC experiments (ATLAS and CMS), and through LIP, has been deeply involved in the R&D of advanced distributed computing infrastructures, both for high energy physics and for science in general. LNEC is the Portuguese National Civil Engineering Laboratory and supports many engineering applications with direct value for the society. The INCD members operate the largest national datacenter housing scientific and academic services. Over the last 15 years deep knowledge has been acquired by these entities in this field, through the participation in many international projects and infrastructures such as the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and the Iberian grid infrastructure (IBERGRID) and WLCG.

It aims to establish, continuously enhance and operate a larger digital infrastructure to deliver state-of-the-art computing and data services to the wider Portuguese scientific and academic community. It will support research in all scientific domains enabling effective participation in national and international research projects and activities. INCD will also support the research communities in joining and exploiting international resources through liaison with European digital infrastructures such as EGI, IBERGRID, WLCG, or Géant. This strategy is complemented by a set of specialized centres that will develop and deliver new services, together with support, consultancy and training. This project aims to implement and develop the INCD digital infrastructure.

Participant institutions and teams

Associação INCD
João Nuno Ferreira (coordinator)

Jorge Gomes (responsible at LIP)

Anabela Oliveira (responsible at LNEC), Alberto Azevedo, João Rogeiro, André Fortunato, Marta Rodrigues, José Barateiro, João Rico